Every child who cleans their plate receives a FREE sundae!

Enjoy our fresh and delicious fare

The Granary Supper Club menu includes carefully created and prepared selections, beginning with our appetizers and ending with our signature ice cream sundaes and drinks.


Enjoy classic Wisconsin appetizers—cheese curds, battered mushrooms, onion rings, fries, Mozzarella sticks—with a choice of dipping sauces: BBQ, honey, honey mustard, marinara, ranch, or sour cream. The cocktail sauce for our shrimp cocktail is homemade. Consider beginning your evening with a beverage from our full bar.

Entrées and Sandwiches

Choose from our dozens of quality entrees and sandwiches featuring
Wisconsin-raised beef, seafood, fish, pork and poultry. Our dedicated kitchen staff will cook it to your preferences.

  • Select from a variety of preparation styles: Along with traditional grilled, roasted and fried options, we also offer a number of steamed fish and seafood entrees.
  • Create your own signature sandwich by adding your choice of toppings: cheese, friend onions, bacon, sautéed mushrooms, or melted bleu cheese crumbles.
  • Add your own sizzle to your steak with seasonings: Cajun, citrus, garlic pepper, lemon pepper, or lime pepper.
  • Smother any entrée Oscar Style, a hollandaise sauce featuring imitation crab and your choice of asparagus or broccoli.

We appreciate our location in rural Wisconsin, and source seasonal produce from local farms for a true farm-to-table experience.

All entrées include soup and salad bar, choice of potato or steamed vegetable, and homemade bread.
Sandwiches and burgers include choice of potato or steamed vegetables.

Soup and Salad Bar

Our abundant Soup and Salad Bar gets rave reviews: We offer our signature selection of homemade dishes, along with homemade soup and an array of fresh veggies, pasta salads, cheeses and more.

Ice Cream

Everyone can have ice cream at The Granary!  It’s the best dessert our Dairy State has to offer—and we put our own special twist on it.

  • For everyone: Enjoy vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate or strawberries.
  • Drink your ice cream! Another option for adults includes our menu of classic ice cream drinks, the time-honored meal ending that is part of the Wisconsin supper club tradition.